Products & Services


Cognitive Learning provides each Fast ForWord student with one of our qualified teachers who will work closely with the student.

  • Our facilitators are led by a team of Certified Teachers, many of which have their Special Education qualifications.
  • Our team has over 25 years of experience in using, monitoring, and implementing the Fast ForWord program.
  • We provide weekly monitoring and reporting.
  • Students and parents are supported with unparalleled training and guidance via telephone, email, Skype, and Face Time.
  • Our focus is on long-term mentorship to produce Real Life Results.
  • You can contact us at our toll free number, Monday – Friday: 1-844-297-1259
  • Call for a FREE CONSULTATION. One of our certified providers will assess your needs and recommend an appropriate program and price.


Scientific Learning and Fast ForWord have a variety of programs that we can offer as an authorized provider. Based on the student’s age, academic goals, and learning challenges, we will recommend the most beneficial program for you. The programs include the following:

The Language Series
  • The Fast ForWord Language Series builds foundational elementary school reading and language skills to help essay writer within https://essaydragon.comstudents learn successfully in the general classroom. It provides extra academic support and learning opportunities in reading and language for struggling students.
  • More specifically, the program improves and develops listening accuracy, phonological awareness, and language structure. It moves elementary students who read below grade level towards grade-level reading skills.
  • Finally, the program emphasizes the link between spoken and written language to guide young students in becoming proficient grade-level readers.

The Literacy Series
  • The Fast ForWord Literacy Series helps struggling preteen and teen readers build their confidence.FFW-guided-literacy
  • The program builds foundational middle and high school reading and language skills to help struggling students become successful learners in the general classroom.
  • Improve outcomes and give your students every advantage with a program focused on enhancing the brain’s processing power. Results? Stronger cognitive and literacy skills in as little as 2-3 months!

The Reading Series
  • Once the “brain strengthening” programs have been completed, students typically graduate to the Reading Series.
  • The Reading Series products increase processing efficiency and build critical reading skills. No other reading intervention program offers a more scientifically proven approach to help students quickly improve reading comprehension skills. Instant feedback and engaging exercises help motivate students to achieve success in school.
  • The Reading Series is made up of five levels: Reading Readiness, Reading Level 1, Reading Level 2, Reading Level 3, Reading Level 4, and Reading Level 5.


The Reading Assistant
  • FFW-guided-readingReading Assistant is the only online reading tool that uses speech recognition to support and correct  students as they read aloud – never missing a teachable moment. No other e-book or program provides comparable support. With the help of this supportive listener, students build reading fluency and comprehension.
  • The online Reading Assistant program delivers:
  • Help When Students Need It: Patented technology provides real-time corrective feedback via speech recognition, enabling students to self-correct as they read aloud.
  • Time Savings for Parents: The automatic calculation of words correct per minute (WCPM) and immediate access to comprehension and vocabulary reports make tracking students’ progress effortless.
  • Increased Student Engagement: Reading selections for a variety of interests and reading levels, plus frequent comprehension checks, keep students motivated and focused on reading for meaning. 
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: The Reading Assistant online software is easy to implement for home use.